Is the top part for Kombi3plus V5000 / V5010 available as a spare part?

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2012-05-11 16:58

The spare top part for Kombi-3-plus has article number V5000 / V5010 has the following article number:

Kombi-3-plus Red for flow pipe:
VS1501R010 for size 3/8"
VS1501R015 for size 1/2"
VS1501R020 for size 3/4"
VS1501R025 for size 1"
VS1501R032 for size 11/4"
VS1501R040 for size 11/2"
VS1501R050 for size 2"
VS1501R065 for size 21/2"
VS1501R080 for size 3"

Kombi-3-plus Blue for return pipe:
VS1501B010 for size 3/8"
VS1501B015 for size 1/2"
VS1501B020 for size 3/4"
VS1501B025 for size 1"
VS1501B032 for size 11/4"
VS1501B040 for size 11/2"
VS1501B050 for size 2"
VS1501B065 for size 21/2"
VS1501B080 for size 3"

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